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Retire and begin receiving benefits from ERS

If you are ready to retire and you satisfy one of the following:

  • You are age 65 with at least five years of membership service
  • You have at least 30 years of membership service, regardless of your age
  • You are age 55 with at least five years of membership service

If you are eligible to retire you can elect to receive normal benefit payments at age 65 or reduced payments before age 65 with less than 30 years of service.

What To Do:

Thirty to 90 days prior to your anticipated retirement date, complete and return an Application for Services Retirement Form.

Request an estimate of your retirement benefit

If you are approaching retirement age and want to know what your retirement income would be if you retire at a particular time.

What To Do:

Log in to Member Self-Service or return a Request for Estimate Form.

Apply for disability retirement benefits

If you are permanently disabled from performing the duties of your position due to one of the following:

  • An Illness (non-line-of-duty)
  • An on the job (line-of-duty) injury

What To Do:

Complete and return an:

or an

Change your beneficiary

If you want to designate a different beneficiary (or beneficiaries) to receive death benefits from the ERS.

Active Members:

Complete and return:

Retired Members: 

Receive Death Benefits as a Beneficiary

If you are the beneficiary of a member who died while an active member (ERS member for least one year) or after retirement

What To Do:

Call ERS immediately at 443-984-3200.

Defer your vested retirement

If you leave City employment before retirement age, the benefit amount is determined by your membership service and average final compensation at time of termination. You can receive the full benefit at age 65 or a reduced benefit at age 55.

What To Do:

Contact ERS 30-90 days before your planned retirement date.

Transfer state or local membership service to the ERS

If you become employed by the City within 30 days after leaving employment with the State of Maryland or another local jurisdiction.

What To Do:

Complete and return a Request for Service Record Form within one year of becoming an ERS member.

Transfer membership service from the ERS

If you want to transfer your ERS membership service to a state or local jurisdiction, provided there is no break in service between your employment with the city and the new jurisdiction.

What To Do:

Contact your new jurisdiction’s retirement coordinator.

Change your address

If you move to a new home it’s important to notify the ERS so we know how to contact you with benefit information.

What To Do:

Complete and return a Change of Address Form.

Change your direct deposit information

If you want to change your direct deposit information. 

What To Do:

Complete and return a Direct Deposit Form.

Change your tax withholding

If you want to adjust the amount of taxes withheld from your retirement benefit.

What To Do:

Complete and return a W4P Withholding Form.

Login to the Members Self-Service Portal

If you want to login to the Member Self-Services Portal

What To Do:

Click the following link:
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