March 16 COVID-19 Update

The Offices of the Employees Retirement Systems, Retirement Savings Plan, and Deferred Compensation Plan are making the following Covid-19 related modifications to our services:

• The New Employee Election Seminar (NEES) scheduled for 3/17/2020 has been cancelled.
• The Retirement Ready Seminar (RRS) scheduled for 3/18/2020 has been cancelled.
• Pre-registered seminar participants will be notified directly with a make-up date.
• Walk-In services have been temporarily suspended.
• We are honoring previously scheduled one-on-one appointments for the purposes of: Service Retirement application, Disability application, and Account Disbursements only. All other appointment types will be rescheduled or request handled via telephone or USPS mailing.
• All members are encouraged to utilize our Member Self Service portal to view your account and/or request benefits estimates.
• Staff are available to answer your calls at 443.984.3200; or via email at