Employee Spotlight: Meet Mattony Lewis

Mattony Lewis is the ERS Legal Assistant. With a background as a title agent processing foreclosures for Fannie Mae, Mattony joined ERS in 2022. Working in real estate, she gained a wealth of experience in the legal and financial space, giving her a strong background for her role at ERS. “I feel like I’m thriving and finding my niche,” said Mattony.

Her favorite part of working for ERS is the sense of community and belonging she has found at the agency. “I don’t feel separated within the agency,” Mattony said. “I feel like I’m part of a community, and you don’t typically get that in the workplace. I feel like I have the opportunity to grow and learn. Everyone is open to help you. There’s a sense of belonging, and that’s very important.”

Outside of work, Mattony enjoys spending time with her family and nurturing her passion for travel. She typically explores a new destination once a month to immerse herself in diverse cultures and histories in off-the-beaten-path locations. Additionally, Mattony is also an enthusiastic tennis player, sharing, “I’m not great, but I definitely love tennis.”